Defining Tomorrow's Workforce

By Kathleen Hay

Topics :    Eastern Ontario Training Board , Employer Registry , Cornwall

The Eastern Ontario Training Board wants local employers to help define tomorrow’s workforce future.

With nearly 450 employers throughout Cornwall and Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry already participating in the Employer Registry, the organization is hoping to attract even more to share their knowledge with youth through the provincially-based experiential learning opportunity.  The service is vitally important to the community for a number of reasons, but encouraging retention is a high priority, says its project assistant.

“Training our youth and providing them with opportunities to learn and grow are very important to our community,” said Cassandra Roy. “It helps to encourage our future generations to stay and work in our area.

“Co-op placements also provide youth with proper training and encouragement for future development in a field which interests them.”

The EOTB’s partnership with the Employer Registry was launched in 2008.  The easy-to-use and free online service, coordinated through the Passport to Prosperity, offers a direct link for employers, educators and tomorrow’s workforce. Employer involvement can range from short-term projects, such as a career talk in a classroom setting or a career fair, to those of a longer term nature, including job shadowing or co-op projects.

The choice is up to you, the employer.

“Employers are realizing the benefits to the site and it allows them to post and share their interests in experiential learning,” stated Roy. “Many are willing to take on the commitment of a co-op placement as well as partaking in short term commitments.

“We really appreciate the employers that are encouraging our youth by participating in experiential learning and helping them to gain the most experience possible.”

All employers interested in participating are welcome to register, said Roy. However, while there has always been great support for trades programs in our community, she noted, the EOTB is especially interested at furthering the development of non-trade professions.

Employers interested in participating are invited to register at Once this process is completed, they will be contacted by a Passport to Prosperity coordinator who will verify the information so that it may be posted on the main site.  The site provides a central location for employers to connect with tomorrow’s workforce.

For more information please contact the EOTB at (613) 932-0210.

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