Marvel, Visa join forces to teach kids about money

April 30, 2012 By Marc Saltzman

The Avenger help give money advice to kids in an online comic book.

The Avenger help give money advice to kids in an online comic book.

Visa Canada

If you were tasked with making money management a compelling concept for kids, one method might be to partner with a comic book brand like Marvel’s The Avengers.

Superheroes who wax about the importance of financial literacy? Yep.

This is  what Visa Canada has done with a free online comic book, available in eight languages.  Avengers: Saving the Day is a 6-page story -that features a number of familiar superheroes, including Avenger characters Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow and Spider-Man.

The Avengers was created by Stan Lee and  made its debut in 1963; a feature film based on The Avengers is out this week.

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Before the superheroes gang up to stop the thieving Mole Man and his minions, Spider-Man tell his crime-fighting friends about wanting to buy his aunt a present for her birthday. A few frames later, The Avengers and Spider-Man are shrunk down to sneak into a bank to stop a robbery. Iron Man tells Black Widow and Spider-Man how banks manage your money and help you make you even more money from interest and investments.

Later on, Thor tells his friends not to be too concerned about Mole Man's bank heist attempt: "Fear not! In most countries, banks are insured, therefore even if super villains rob your bank – you shall not lose a single coin of your money!"  After a brawl or two, Iron Man and Widow remind Spider-Man to stick within a budget for his aunt's present.

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You get the idea.

A study conducted by Visa Canada shows only 31 per cent of children aged 12 to 18 receive information to help manage their finances at school.

At the end of the comic book is a glossary of financial terms and a sample budget sheet.  I like the idea, but I wish you were able to download the comic book to read offline opposed to this online-only version.

This free digital comic book is available for a limited time.