Guide Your Students to Explore Careers in the Environment!

ECO Canada works with educators and employers across
Canada to promote the environment as a potential
career choice and assist students with the transition
into post-secondary studies, and ultimately, the

The environment industry is a growing sector of the Canadian
economy and can provide rewarding and fulfilling career
opportunities for today’s youth. According to ECO Canada’s
Profile of Canadian Environmental Employment 2010 report,
there are over 318,000 Canadian organizations employing
environmental employees and “[retiring] environmental workers
will create vacancies over the next decade as over 100,000
environmental employees reach retirement age.”

What’s more, the emerging sectors of the environment industry
will require highly educated professionals. In fact, this study has
shown that 66% of environmental professionals have postsecondary
education compared to 42% of the Canadian
workforce-and with the emerging sub-sectors being carbon and
climate change mitigation, and alternative/renewable energy-
the demand for highly educated, environmental professionals will

A growing environmental sector coupled with the increasing
demand for highly skilled labour requires continued efforts to
promote environmental education and raise awareness of
environmental careers among youth, in particular, among
secondary students.

At a time when students are considering life
after graduation, it’s imperative they are aware of their postsecondary options and have already begun to explore career

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