Millennials and the workplace

Most important factors in co-op or internship programs
14%Challenging assignments
2% Variety of assignments
3% Opportunities for full-time employment
5% Job orientation/training
4% Good employer reference
5% Assigned mentor
6% Internal networking opportunities
11% Inspiring colleagues
8% Performance assessment
14% Teamwork
16% Client exposure
13% Other

Attitude statements: Future employer
81% I would really like to be connected with an experienced mentor in my next workplace
81% I want an employer that values collaboration
80% If I like an employer’s products or services I will be much more interested in working for them
45% I want to work at an employer for a summer job/co-op term/internship before being hired by them full-time
17% I expect a signing bonus for my first full-time job

Student’s career choices are most influenced by their parents, acquaintances already working for the company and online resources

22% Parents
15% Acquaintances already working for the company
14% Online employment resources
13% Girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse
11% Professors
7% Campus career centre, staff/career advisor
7% Friends
6% Printed resource materials
5% Co-op coordinator/advisor

Influential factors in a job offering
65% Interesting work
58% Good people to work with
58% Work-Life balance
56% Healthy workplace
53% Job security
52% Good training opportunities, new skills development
49% Good people to report to
48% Opportunities for advancement in position
45% Good health and benefits plan
42% Opportunities to have a personal impact
42% Good variety of work
32% Commitment to social responsibility
27% Organization is a leader in its field
25% Strong commitment to employee diversity
24% Opportunity to travel

Most effective techniques for creating a positive employer impression I
80% Answered my questions knowledgeably
73% Good employer information presentation
73% Made me feel like they were interested in me
73% Friendly company representatives at career fair/events
72% Felt confident that I was qualified for the jobs they were recruiting for
68% Responded/followed-up in a timely manner

Most effective techniques for creating a positive employer impression II
62% Ranked as a top employer
58% Good career fair presence
55% Offered co-op or internship opportunities
54% Positive coverage in the media
45% Sponsored activities on my campus
27% Branded giveaways (pens, etc.)

Most valuable resources in student’s career research
57% Employer’s websites
38% Your campus career centre website
32% Career fairs
24% Advertisements (Print, online, etc.)
11% Other
11% Employer brochures
10% Campus newspapers and publications
9% Major newspapers
1% Twitter
2% YouTube
4% Facebook
5% Business magazines
6% Industry-specific magazines
7% LinkedIn
8% None of the above