North Superior Training Board welcomes new Passport to Prosperity Coordinator

January 21, 2009
Do you have high school co op opportunities or want to connect with someone who can help you learn how to get involved in experiential learning?

Ryan Moore has joined the North Superior Training Board and is very interested in connecting with you.

Ryan Moore was hired recently for the Coordinator Role of P2P for the North Superior Training Board and is diving in with both feet eager to dig in.
Ryan previously managed an adult education facility preparing WSIB clients to re-enter the workforce,  he knows the challenges of getting employers on board with experiential learning, he also brings experience as an occasional teacher with one of the school boards in town and understands the skills and learning styles of students.  Ryan is uniquely positioned to use his knowledge of both the employer and the student to maximize the experiential learning opportunities available.  
On a personal note;
Ryan is the Pipe Major with one of the local pipe bands "The Pipes & Drums of Thunder Bay".  He has been playing in bands for 15 years, has instructed at least 5 bands and is an active participant on the band special event fund raising committee.
As  a new father and long time resident of Thunder Bay Ryan knows that every area has its challenges and is committed to ensuring that the challenges in the North Superior area turn into opportunities and successes for all participants.

For more information on how to get involved with experiential learning opportunities and build your connection please contact:
Ryan M. Moore
Program and Special Projects Coordinator
Passport to Prosperity
North Superior Training Board
807-346-2947 | 807-629-5132