Passport to Prosperity Coordinators participate in the Expansion of Cooperative Education and the Co-op Tool Kit Rollout

November 17, 2008
What do administrators need to know about the role of the Passport to Prosperity Coordinator and the Employer Registry in the expansion of co-op?

For more than a decade, the Passport to Prosperity program has supported educators and employers in developing experiential learning opportunities for high school students as a cost-effective solution to recruiting, training and retaining young workers.  Passport to Prosperity is a province wide campaign that seeks to provide communities with the tools and resources to respond to their local workforce development needs and contribute to the growth of the local economy.  Today, more than 26,000 employers across Ontario have recognized the value of incorporating student programs into their human resources strategies.

Passport to Prosperity is offered in 25 communities across Ontario through Industry/Business Education Councils and Local Training Boards.  What is so unique about the Passport initiatives is that each organization/coordinator reponds to local area needs.  Passport to Prosperity coordinators are great connectors in our communities and act as a conduit between industry and education to enhance opportunities for all students. is Ontario's free online community conecting employers and tomorrow's workforce.  The site acts as a single point of contact for employers looking to get involved with short, medium and long term educational programs, ranging from one-hour career talks to full-semester cooperative education.

The EmployerRegistry is a tool for Passport to Prosperity coordinators - a place to manage employer information including tracking new employers interested in experiential learning.

It is one overarching provincial site with generalized information, stories, and opportunities supporting 25 mini-sites with localized success stories, specific program information, spotlight news and events.  The local mini site regions are aligned with the Passport to Prosperity regions across the province.

What does this site do for you?

An online community to support experiential learning programs.  A place for Passport to Prosperity Coordinators, School Board Officials, Experiential Learning Teachers and Employers to connect.

For Employers:

A place for employers to go when looking at being involved in experiential learning.

An opportunity for employers to showcase their involvement in their community.

A tool to keep you up to date with  new opportunities being developed in your area...Specialist High Skills Major program, e-co-op opportunities, Take our Kids to Work Day etc.

Cost effective way to recruit, train and retain young workers.

5 minutes - to register your business and start the conversation with your local Passport to Prosperity Coordinator who will personally assist you in identifying experiential learning opportunities to meet the unique needs of your business.

For Educators:

Quick access to new opportunities for coop or short term experiential learning.

Opportunity to promote long and short term experiential opportunities in your school.

Localized recruitment efforts aimed at specific sectors of interest to you.

A place to showcase and highlight successes within your school.
For Passport to Prosperity Coordinators:

A tool to manage employers information including tracking of new employers interested in experiential learning.

A conduit to connect with employers, find out what their interests are with regards to experiential learning and aid in the connection to the right program.

An up to date listing of organizations interested in experiential learning. (Employers identify their own opportunities).
Latest statistics!
Over 700 teachers/educators have registered and are ready to browse the site.
Over 60,000 page views since launch
Over 500 employers registered!

Passport to Prosperity is supported by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities and is implemented in local communites by business-education councils and local training boards with support from the Ontario Business Education Partnership.