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Passport to Prosperity Coordinators participate in the Expansion of Cooperative Education and the Co-op Tool Kit Rollout

Published: 2008-11-17 - Author: OBEP
What do administrators need to know about the role of the Passport to Prosperity Coordinator and the Employer Registry in the expansion of co-op?

Driving the Innovation Economy in Kingston

Published: 2008-08-15 - Author: OBEP
Research aimed at developing tools to help turn scientific data into healthcare solutions is one of the two projects at Queen’s University that will receive $280,000 in funding from the province’s Early Researcher Awards program.
Funding world-class research is part of Ontario’s plan to build an innovation economy.

OBEP to host series of Focus Groups

Published: 2008-05-05 - Author: OBEP
To mark the 10th Anniversary of the Ontario Business-Education Partnership (1999-2009), OBEP is exploring the possibility of creating a unique resource to share our collective story and generate added value for our stakeholders.

McGinty Making Ontario Schools Safer

Published: 2008-05-05 - Author: OBEP
TORONTO - Ontario is working to combat harassment and violence in schools by reengaging a team of safety and education experts

Energizing Ontario's Education

Published: 2008-02-19 - Author: OBEP
The work that goes on in our schools every day is critically important - to our students and to the future of our province.

Better involving parents in their child's education

Published: 2008-02-05 - Author: OBEP
Ontario is helping parents play a more active role in their children's education by funding more than 1,300 projects across the province.
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