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Thousands of T.O. students take anti-bullying pledge

Published: 2011-12-19 1:23:00 PM - Author: none
'Toronto students cheered, chanted and pledged to end school bullying at a raucous rally held at the Ricoh Coliseum on Thursday.

The day-long event featured 9,000 students from the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) and a series of motivational speakers, athletes and entertainers...'

Labour Market Information explained in 1:23

Published: 2011-12-19 1:22:00 PM - Author: none
Service Canada has produced a short video explaining the importance of Labour Market Information.

Career trends for the future

Published: 2011-12-19 12:59:00 PM - Author: none
This video speaks to the skills required to fulfill a career search during difficult economic times.

Should province set targets to boost kids’ love of reading?

Published: 2011-12-19 12:47:00 PM - Author: none
'...In 2010-11, just half of those in Grades 3 and 6 said they did, down from more than a decade ago where 76 per cent of Grade 3 and 65 per cent of Grade 6 students said they did.

The report’s findings should be seen as a warning signal for government, teachers and parents, said Sam Hammond, president of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario...'

Boys at school: Is it the teaching or the tests?

Published: 2011-12-19 12:39:00 PM - Author: none
'...A common theme seemed to be the substandard performance of boys in all areas. Shockingly, this now includes the sciences, an area in which boys have traditionally scored quite well. ..'

Ontario Ministry of Labour launches workplace safety awareness programs

Published: 2011-12-19 11:57:00 AM - Author: none
'...Ontario’s Chief Prevention Officer George Gritziotis and Labour Minister Linda Jeffrey announced the “Prevention Starts Here” program which introduces workers to the provincial Occupational Health and Safety Act through an e-learning program, workbook and posters...'

Conservatives say Ontario needs public sector wage freeze after Moody's warning

Published: 2011-12-19 11:54:00 AM - Author: none
'...Moody's is worried about the province's growing debt - estimated at $241.5 billion for 2011-12 - and fears slower-than-expected growth will make it difficult for Ontario to eliminate a $16-billion budget deficit by 2017 as promised...The credit rating agency sent Ontario a "very clear signal to cut spending" said Hudak, who called for an immediate wage freeze for doctors, teachers and about one million public sector workers, calculating it would save $2 billion over two years...'

General Motors to produce new Chevy Impala at plant in Oshawa, Ont.

Published: 2011-12-19 11:48:00 AM - Author: none
General Motors said Friday it will invest $68 million at its plant in Oshawa, Ont., to build the new version of its Chevy Impala sedan - a move that will save 350 jobs as the automaker streamlines its Canadian operations through plant closures and layoffs.

GM set to announce investment in Oshawa assembly plant; new Impala line rumoured

Published: 2011-12-19 11:46:00 AM - Author: none
'It appears the General Motors assembly plant in Oshawa is in line for a major new investment.

GM Canada president Kevin Williams has scheduled an appearance at the plant Friday morning when he is expected to announce new production...'

Rogers and Bell promise more live sports on mobile and other devices

Published: 2011-12-19 11:28:00 AM - Author: none
A deal by Rogers and Bell to buy a big chunk of the owner of the Toronto Maple Leafs is good news for sports fans who want to watch their team live at home or on the go and on any device, the companies say.
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