THE SKILLS GAP Hot jobs: The growing divide in the labour market

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What are the hot jobs of the future? What do you need to know?

Special to The Globe and Mail
Published Thursday, Dec. 20 2012, 6:43 PM EST
Last updated Thursday, Dec. 20 2012, 6:45 PM EST

Canada’s unemployed: Bad training, or bad choices?

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An article by:

A focus on skills increasingly links higher education with employment

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A focus on skills increasingly links higher education with employment
Yojana Sharma06 January 2013 Issue No:253
An article from University World News

Job seeker on Gen Y's struggles: 'I didn’t think I’d be here at 30'

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Article by: ROB CARRICK
‘I’m not the only person in this situation … but people don’t talk about it. It’s a bit like mental health that way.’ (Rafal Gerszak For The Globe and Mail)

10 Things That Matter When Picking A College (& 10 Things That Don't)

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By Meghan Frick

Ready for an understatement? Choosing a college is a crazy process. And in the midst of all the mania, it can be hard to narrow your focus, figure out what’s actually important and start making decisions.

No worries, though - we’ve broken it down for you. Here’s what matters when you’re picking a school, and what’s not essential at all.

Matt Gurney: Want your education paid for? Take something useful

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The number of Canadians pursuing useless post-secondary degrees, often on borrowed money, has apparently gotten under the Prime Minister’s skin. Mr. Harper, it is reported, is growing increasingly frustrated that there are hundreds of thousands of job vacancies that Canadian employers need filled, but remain open because Canadians lack the skills or training.

The Future Of Mentorship In An Age Of Entrepreneurs

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Mentoring 101 tips for individuals

It's who you meet: Why employer contacts at school make a difference to the employment prospects of young adults (February 2012)

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If you are interested in the benefit of cooperative education and career development for economic success please read the linked article by Dr Anthony Mann, Director of Research and Policy, Education and Employers Taskforce
A UK based organization - Education and Employers working together for Young People

Millennials and the workplace

Published: 2012-11-20 3:30:00 PM - Author: none
The University of Waterloo has created an infographic and text on the data provided from their participation in the 2012 From Learning to Work Report produced by Brainstorm Strategy Group and Decode.

College Students, Social Media, and the Job Search

Published: 2012-11-20 3:18:00 PM - Author: none
Test the waters and see what career is right for you!
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