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Skilled Trades Career Guide

Published: 2012-03-16 6:45:00 PM - Author: none
Everything you need to know about getting a job in Skilled Trades and hatching a career in Skilled Trades

Bank of Canada calls for control of free markets, less income disparity

Published: 2012-03-16 6:39:00 PM - Author: none
'The Bank of Canada is urging leaders to enact policies to rein in the excesses of free markets and reduce income disparities, arguing they will strengthen the economy.

In a speech to a business audience in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the bank's senior deputy governor Tiff Macklem laid out a powerful case that income inequality has been on the rise and needs to be addressed.

Research from the International Monetary Fund shows that countries that decrease income disparity increase the duration of periods of economic growth, he said...'

What to Do About the Growing Class Divide

Published: 2012-03-16 6:37:00 PM - Author: none
'Yatch ss What to Do About the Growing Class Divide

Orion Jones on March 12, 2012, 4:21 PM


What's the Latest Development?

Coming Apart, a new book by Charles Murphy, cites statistics which suggest that opportunity, i.e. economic mobility, is increasingly a poorly distributed good in society. In other words, children of successful parents are more ...'

How to Solve a Problem Creatively

Published: 2012-03-16 6:35:00 PM - Author: none
'Imagine you have two metal rings, a candle and a match. Your task is to connect the rings to make a figure 8. Melted wax is sticky and bonds to objects when dry but not strong enough to hold the rings together. Stumped?...'

The Extraordinary Power of Preschool

Published: 2012-03-16 6:33:00 PM - Author: none
'According to a host of studies, preschool does wonders for early cognitive development and plays an important role in later-life success. One exemplary study was completed by Nobel Prize-winning economist James Heckman, who surveyed 123 low-income African-American children from Michigan, half of whom went to preschool, half of whom did not...'

How to Give Every Child the Best Teacher

Published: 2012-03-16 6:31:00 PM - Author: none
'Modern communication technology could be harnessed to create teaching dream-teams, inspiring a larger generation of students to become life-long learners. The first and perhaps most important step is to identify the best teachers, which does not mean the best researcher or the most ground-breaking thinker, but those who truly inspire students...'

Proposed changes to Federal Skilled Worker Program gets nod from Canadian Construction Association

Published: 2012-03-16 6:29:00 PM - Author: none
'Proposed reforms to make Canada’s immigration system faster and more responsive are “bang on”, says one national construction association.

In a recent speech to the National Metropolis Conference, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney highlighted recent changes to the Federal Skilled Worker Program and spoke of more flexibility within the current points system...'

Labour shortages remain key: Canadian Construction Association outgoing chair

Published: 2012-03-16 6:26:00 PM - Author: none
'Labour shortages, globalization and infrastructure investment were among the key issues the Canadian Construction Association’s outgoing chair, Dee Miller, tackled over her last year at the association’s helm.

“While steps are being taken by all of us recruiting, deferred retirement, enhanced mobility, there’s no doubt were going to be all called upon to do more with less,” Miller said during an address at the recent Ontario Road Builders’ Association (ORBA) convention in Toronto...'

Increased investment in procurement staff needed

Published: 2012-03-16 6:24:00 PM - Author: none
'I came across a recent press release from the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council’s HR (human resources) Study which identified the major current HR issues for employers, in their sector, as recruitment, lack of leadership skills, succession planning and the retirement of experienced employees.

The full interim report is available on the Council’s website, at The final report is due out in late March 2012. The report’s results are based on 3,244 surveys of employers, employees and education providers, 11 focus groups and 16 key-informant interviews...'

Construction procurement is a hot topic

Published: 2012-03-16 6:23:00 PM - Author: none
'There has been a lot of discussion in the industry about the different procurement practices that are being used, especially by public sector owners.

In the past it was typical for public owners to use only the traditional Stipulated Sum Tendering or Design-Bid-Build, whereby the owner engages the design community, a full set of plans and specification is prepared and the project is put out to tender, where usually the lowest bid contractor receives the project. ..'
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