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CCA Conference Blog: The Changing Face of Construction: How to Adapt?

Published: 2012-03-24 1:50:00 PM - Author: none
'The Changing Face of Construction and how to adapt to it was topic at the first session of the day at the 94th annual Canadian Construction Association conference in Savannah, Georgia.

Stephen Damp, Al Miller and Geoff Smith were the panelists sharing their experience of adapting with a rapidly changing industry...'

CCA Conference Blog: BIM: What Contractors Need to Know

Published: 2012-03-24 1:45:00 PM - Author: none
'The emerging and increasingly important technology know as Building Information Management (BIM) was the subject of a well-attended session on March 14th at the 94th annual Canadian Construction Association conference held in Savannah, Georgia. ..dBrian Gauthier, the senior account representative at IMAGINiT, Brian Soutar, the executive director of project services for Alberta Infrastructure, and Mark Johnson, senior vice president at Ledcor Construction Ltd, all weighed in on BIM and its uses in the construction industry...'

Economic confidence makes a comeback

Published: 2012-03-24 1:42:00 PM - Author: none
'Canada’s economic outlook is brightening, and confidence with it.

Several economists, including those at Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto-Dominion Bank, UBS Securities Canada and the University of Toronto, have recently nudged up their economic growth forecasts for this year...'

Feds urged to use back-to-work legislation only in 'very extreme' cases

Published: 2012-03-24 1:38:00 PM - Author: none
'An appeal from federal bureaucrats to use back-to-work legislation only as a last resort in labour disputes at Air Canada appears to have fallen on deaf ears.

The Department of Human Resources and Skills Development advised the governing Conservatives in a secret report to use the powerful legal measure only sparingly after the airline's customer-service and sales staff walked out last June.

The Canadian Press obtained a copy of the July 21 report under the Access to Information Act...'

Industry and municipalities working together

Published: 2012-03-24 1:36:00 PM - Author: none
'Canadian construction and municipalities will continue to work together to help inform the framework for the federal government's new infrastructure funding program.

“We have always had a great relationship with FCM (Federation of Canadian Municipalities),” said Michael Atkinson, Canadian Construction Association (CCA) president, in an interview at his association’s annual conference in Savannah, Georgia...'

Debt-heavy Canada shouldn’t be smug about its economy

Published: 2012-03-24 1:33:00 PM - Author: none
'For Greece, in economic terms, it’s now calendar year 1999. For Iceland, it’s 2000, the dawning of the millennium. For Portugal, Latvia and the United States, it’s 2002, a full decade ago. For Ireland, it’s early 2003; for Hungary, late 2003. For Britain and Spain, it’s 2004. For Italy, it’s 2005. For France, it’s 2006. For Germany, with the least “lost time” of the major industrialized countries, it’s late 2009...'

Canada to seek more trade ties with Russia

Published: 2012-03-24 1:27:00 PM - Author: none
'Facing criticism from Russian President Vladimir Putin that Canada is missing opportunities, International Trade Minister Ed Fast is poised to announce Canada’s first trade mission to Russia in three years.

Mr. Fast will unveil details of the trip on Monday, a mission that’s expected to involve executives of 10 to 20 Canadian companies in engineering, aerospace, infrastructure and construction...'

In tough times, cut auto workers’ wages, report urges

Published: 2012-03-24 1:24:00 PM - Author: none
'The $14.4-billion Canadian taxpayers contributed to the bailouts of Chrysler LLC and General Motors Corp. (GM-N25.170.120.48%) was necessary and correct, but future government subsidies to auto makers should be based on the willingness of workers to reduce wages.

That’s one conclusion of a study that examined participation by the federal and Ontario governments in the bailouts, which helped prevent the collapse of the two Detroit companies during the recession and saved about 18,000 of the highest-paying jobs in Canada’s manufacturing industry...'

Why I gave up my six-figure salary and quit Bay Street

Published: 2012-03-24 1:04:00 PM - Author: none
'...I still vividly remember the call that landed me on Bay Street. It was 2006, and on an overcast October morning, someone from the investment arm of the Royal Bank of Canada offered me my dream job. As I took in the news, I stared out the window of my tiny bachelor apartment that overlooked McGill University’s sprawling campus and couldn’t help but think: I finally made it...'

Why you should give your employees a piece of the company

Published: 2012-03-24 1:01:00 PM - Author: none
'“If you had told me 10 years ago that Flynn would have 57 owners some day, I would have said, ‘No way,’” says Doug Flynn, president and CEO of Flynn Canada, a Toronto-based trade contractor that makes and installs the outer layers of buildings, known as the building envelope. “But now, looking over the last 10 years, I’m thoroughly convinced that we couldn’t have grown the way we have if we didn’t have our equity program.” ...'
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